Lay-by Payments

The Franc's Boutique LayBy Option :

FB LUXURY FASHION offers flexible LayBy terms to suit each and every customer. To simplify things, we offer up to 6 months to pay.  With a 20 % Deposit, you can secure your order and start making equal payments towards your order.

All payments can be made via Credit/Debit card, EFT or Direct Deposit.

We charge no interest, and will start processing your assets order approxiametely one month ( 1 ) before your last payment is due.

Once the full amount of your invoice had been paid, we wil package and send your order via courier to the provided delivery address.

LayBy Steps :

Click on the product you would like to lay-by.

Click on the "Installment Payment" option.

Click on the "Buy It Now" button.


The Advantages of LayBy

With absolutely NO Interest, you can budget more effectively towards popping the big question or buying that extra special anniversary or birthday gift.

Once you secure your order with a deposit, we will not change the price of the item, even if the product price suffer an increase in market value.