Our Charity

Through Pledgeling, FB LUXURY FASHION is proud to support nonprofit organizations whose global efforts are focused on lessening the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus.

Funds will be split evenly between three nonprofit organizations.

Funds raised by the CDC Foundation through their Emergency Response Fund will be used to meet fast-emerging needs identified by CDC to help respond to the public health threat posed by this virus.

International Medical Corps is taking an agency-wide approach to their response, providing their 7,000+ staff members in more than 30 countries with clinical guidance and planning documents designed to help them screen patients, enhance infection prevention and control (IPC), and protect health providers.

Direct Relief is coordinating with public health authorities, nonprofit organizations and businesses to provide personal protective equipment and other items to health workers responding to coronavirus.

Together with our shoppers, we strive to make a difference by creating a safe, secure and caring community for children through our support for the Community-based Prevention & Empowerment Strategies in South Africa.


Following the brutal rape of baby Lerato, in 2000, a group of celebrated musicians and the CEO, Dr Nobs Mwanda, led by the eminent Dr Sibongile Khumalo, came together to bewail the loss of community sense and care of children.  An Isililo Campaign was born, and its major focus was to try and understand how we got to such a low point in our society.  From this campaign, COPESSA was born and operations started in 2004 in Protea Glen,  Soweto.



To prevent child abuse and neglect from happening and mitigate its effects once it has occured.

fbluxuryfashion.com now offers you the option to donate to COPESSA South Africa together with your purchase. All donations received go directly to COPESSA.

Your donation makes a difference!

Want to make a direct donation to COPESSA?

visit www.copessa.co.za